Why Is My Cat Attracted To My Crystals? (What Should I do?)

Why Is My Cat Attracted To My Crystals

Why Is My Cat Attracted To My Crystals? There are numerous explanations for why cats are drawn to crystals. Some people think it has to do with the energy the crystals emit, while others think cats just like the way they feel and look. Crystals definitely make cats happy, whatever the reason may be.

What are the uses and benefits of crystals?

cats have a keen sense of smell, so they might be able to pick up on the crystal's distinct aroma.

Because of their numerous advantages, crystals have been used for centuries. According to popular belief, crystals can help you draw in good vibes and energy while fighting off bad ones.

Some individuals even think that crystals have the power to treat emotional and physical illnesses. So it should come as no surprise that your cat might be attracted to your crystals!

Your cat might be drawn to your crystals for a number of reasons. First, cats are drawn to shiny, reflective objects by nature. Your cat probably noticed the crystal for the first time because of its appearance.

Second, cats have a keen sense of smell, so they might be able to pick up on the crystal’s distinct aroma. Finally, it’s possible that the crystal is emitting a frequency that attracts your cat.

There are a few things you can do if you’re worried that your cat will be drawn to your crystals. Place the crystal initially somewhere your cat can’t get to it.

To prevent your cat from accessing the crystal, you can also place it in a container or pouch. Last but not least, you can try using a crystal that is less alluring to your cat, such as one that is less sparkly or has a softer scent.

Reasons why cats are attracted to crystals?

As a result of cats’ sensitivity to crystal vibrations

Cats are drawn to crystals because they can sense the energy they emit and enjoy the calming sensations it gives them. In the following point, We’ll explain how.

ats are psychic animals that have the capacity to detect invisible energies.

The spiritual side of energy is very accessible to cats. No one can see their many natural spiritual abilities, which they possess. Cats have the capacity to detect energies that humans are unable to see. They are also capable of seeing spirits.

A cat can hear frequencies that we can’t because their hearing is much more sensitive than ours. They have twice as good of hearing as humans and dogs combined.

Additionally, they have an acute sense of vibration that rivals even a dog’s sense of smell. Given that cats rely on their whiskers for balance and navigation, it is not surprising that they have developed into intelligent animals with keen senses.

Animals respond well to crystals.

A cat can benefit greatly from the use of a crystal. It will make the cat feel safe and comfortable because it is in its element with something that is unfamiliar to them.

Not only that, but it also makes the cat feel more at ease. Crystals are smooth, cool, heavy, and soothing to small animals like cats, who are constantly on the move.

When a cat is stressed, the vibrations emitted by crystals can also help to calm it down.

You are surrounded by a positive energy field.

Cats are extremely sensitive and can detect your energy field. Because of the strong energy field that surrounds it, your crystal has a calming effect on your cat.

Your strong feelings of love for the crystal will be transferred into the crystal’s natural vibrations and passed on to your cat, causing it to calm down and rest.

Crystals have a very calming effect on a cat’s body

Cats are drawn to crystals because their energy is absorbed by the crystal’s structure. In fact, if your cat is sick, you can use this to aid in its recovery.

It may also be beneficial if your cat is experiencing certain emotions, such as stress, anxiety, or depression. It will reassure and calm it in a way that no person can.

Because they are natural, crystals shouldn’t be ignored because they have been used for healing for many years.

The sound of crystal chimes appeals to them.

Your cat enjoys the sound of crystals as well as the way they feel in its hands. Another good reason why your cat would want to sniff out crystal chimes is that it can hear them very well. They are calmed down and given a sense of peace by the chimes’ calming sound.

Cats and crystals typically get along very well.

Cats find crystals to be calming and soothing, and because of how well their calming effects complement one another, they get along very well as kindred spirits.

You’ll frequently discover them in the same spot in your home, such as your bedroom, by the fireplace, or even draped around your neck. It is best to have a crystal in every room of your home because they can work so well together.

Because of the calming vibrations that will make your cat feel at ease, it will then remain at ease and relaxed in every room. Crystals appeal to cats because they make them feel secure and at home.

They provide comfort by allowing people to feel close to something they know is safe and reassuring. Cats will naturally recognize your affinity for crystals or your inability to resist their allure and will therefore adore them just as they adore you.

How to use crystals around your cats?

When using crystal therapy on cats, it’s important to stay concentrated, grounded, and balanced and to have a specific outcome in mind. The stones’ conductive energy may cause your cat to receive messages that are negative or imbalanced.

One of the most efficient ways to apply crystal therapy is through hands-on healing. You can accomplish this by using either your own intuition or a predetermined crystal pattern.

However, you can be much more precise about the area you’re focusing on and how long you’re directing the energy for when performing hands-on healing, which takes time.

Additionally, you can channel or extract energy into your cat using crystal points, and you can witness the frequently pleasing results in person.

The following is a list of additional ways of giving crystal therapy to your pets. If a crystal is small, keep in mind that your cat might mistake it for a toy and chase it around the room until it vanishes.

Keep in mind that he might try to swallow it, so always prioritize safety. Place large, heavy crystals in areas where your cat likes to congregate. They can be used as ornaments and healing tools, and they look great on tables, shelves, and even windowsills.

Small crystals can be wired or taped to the edge of a food or water dish, a carrier, a cage, or other surface.

Crystals ought to be positioned in or beneath the cat’s bed. Put tiny crystals in a pouch and set it somewhere the cat will feel at ease.

You can either buy a collar that already has healing crystals inside of it or attach crystals to a harness or collar. Just keep an eye on your cat closely. No matter whether the cat is wearing crystals or not, it is never a good idea to let it go outside alone.

It is important to use caution when adding crystals to water. Some crystals are poisonous if licked or swallowed. A serious or fatal blood poisoning can result from the high copper content of malachite.

Cinnabar contains lead. Like many others, peacock ore contains poison. Please be careful when using these stones and make sure to thoroughly check any new crystals you give your cat.

Additionally, if there is a small amount of crystal in your cat’s beverage, he might unintentionally drink it.

A safer method to add the healing properties of gemstones to water is to create a gem essence, which is similar to a flower essence. Gem essences can also be applied topically or sprayed on clothing and bedding.

Wear crystals yourself when you’re near your cat.

The “frequency” of a particular crystal can also be transmitted to your cat using radionics or intention, though this requires training.

Cats are particularly sensitive to energies, so give them plenty of room to enter and exit the area around crystals. If he doesn’t show interest in the energy right away, don’t keep him close all the time.

Best healing crystals for cats:

For protection against unfavorable feelings and thoughts, tourmaline quartz is the best healing crystal.

Making immune system stronger in cats

Clear Quartz:

The most adaptable healing crystal, clear quartz is regarded as the master healer. It will not only intensify the positive emotions you channel through it, but it will also amplify any nearby healing crystals.

Your cats’ immune systems will be boosted by clear quartz, which will also reduce any pain or inflammation and hasten the recovery from physical wounds. The best crystal for healing your cat!

Tourmaline Quartz:

For protection against unfavorable feelings and thoughts, tourmaline quartz is the best healing crystal.

By easing various types of body aches that could stress your cat, it serves as a barrier of protection that purifies the energy around it and also aids in boosting their immune systems.

Tourmaline Quartz will boost your cat’s self-esteem, bring out their inner tiger, and stabilise their emotional state to lessen their tendency for destructive behavior.

Emotional support in cats

Rose Quartz:

The best healing crystal for abused, neglected, rescued, and grieving cats is rose quartz. Your cat is more likely to open up and let love back into their lives if there is an atmosphere of unconditional love in the home.

Rose quartz is a wonderful healing crystal to use to establish an instant connection with your cherished feline companion. Negative emotions like jealousy, resentment, and envy are lessened, as well as a cat’s standoffish behavior.

Chevron Amethyst:

The best healing crystal for both physical and emotional pain is chevron amethyst. Stress, grief, fear, and panic can all be greatly alleviated by it.

If your cat needs to be kept in a cage for a long time, Chevron Amethyst is great. If your beloved cat experiences separation anxiety, it may become frightened when you see other people. Think about using this healing crystal to lessen those issues.

Behavioral support in cats


The most effective crystal for boosting your cats’ self-esteem is howlite. Crystal enthusiasts believe that howlite can boost positive emotions like courage, bravery, and determination.

Your cats won’t feel the need to rebel by biting or scratching everything in their path when their confidence levels are high.

In addition to promoting relaxation and easing muscle tensions for a restful night’s sleep, this lovely healing crystal aids in the absorption of calcium in their bones and teeth. Always keep in mind that a tired cat is a good cat!


When it comes to combating aggressive and overactive behaviors, sodalite is the most effective healing crystal. When your cat’s emotional levels are out of balance, aggressive behaviors like hissing, scratching, and kicking occur.

Female cats in heat who meow or yodel nonstop for attention benefit particularly from the healing properties of this crystal. Sodalite will help with inflammation in the body as well as the mind in addition to assisting with aggressive and hyperactive behaviors!

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Conclusion | Why Is My Cat Attracted To My Crystals?

Crystals can attract cats because they emit the same frequency as shiny objects and resonate with those frequencies.

They find it soothing, and when they are around them, they feel secure and at ease.

They experience the same emotions you do when around them because they are sensitive to the feelings you have for them and the crystal.

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