Here’s My Story

Annie Khatri

Hi everyone. My name is Annie Khatri, and you’re going to learn a bit about me and why I made Your Cat Gal right now.

I’ve always been a cat person. Growing up, we had two cats, Tabby and Samantha, and I can still remember the day we brought them home.

They were the last two in a litter, and we showed up ten minutes early to pick them up (thankfully we did, because the other people that were coming to look at them showed up a bit early as well).

I loved them very much. When they eventually died when I was seventeen years old, it made me want to understand some things about cats and pets in general.

I completed my associate’s degree in Veterinary Technology, and began working as a vet’s assistant for a while.

Apart from personal experience, those two years in the VT program taught me a lot. About cat health, life cycles, conditions, and so much more (not to mention how to treat them all).

I made Your Cat Gal to help you with the basic things: finding the right nutrient-dense food, the best cat toys, and things like that, but also to help you take better care of your cat.

You’ll find articles, helpful how-to’s, and every nugget of information that I can add to this expanding archive of my personal knowledge on cats.

Whether you’re a new owner or a long-time cat lover, this is your digital home for all things cat related.