why does my cat smell my eyes? (Is it good or bad?)

why does my cat smell my eyes

why does my cat smell my eyes? All cat owners are accustomed to the peculiar ways their cats interact with them. However, sometimes cats do end up behaving in strange ways, which often leave owners wondering. One of such behavioral traits is cats sniffing their eyes.

While this comes off as strange to almost every new cat owner, there are several reasons behind this specific cat behavior. Sniffing your eyes help cats identify you or show you affection. It is also a way for cats to show that they are grooming you. Or it could also be because of the attractive salty smell of tears in your eyes. 

In any case, you can’t always be sure why a cat is sniffing your eyes because there are multiple reasons for it. But with a little more understanding of why each reason triggers them to sniff your eyes, you will be able to tell what’s going on in your cat’s head. 

Reasons cats smell eyes?

Reasons cats smell eyes

Among all the reasons why cats smell eyes, there are three that stand out. To show love, to greet you, or to feel comfortable. If your cat is ever smelling your eyes, these should be the first three reasons that come to your mind. 

Let’s learn about each reason in detail!

To show love

We sometimes fail to acknowledge that cats have a much more acute sense of smell than humans. As a result, they attach more importance to how and what they smell than humans normally do. Therefore, smelling your eyes is a way for cats to show affection towards you. 

One main reason for this is that since cats come quite close to your mouth and teeth to smell your eyes, it is a way for them to show that they trust you. They know you like them enough to not eat or harm them. 

As a result, if you find a cat smelling your eyes odd, never discourage them from it. It could be their moment, and you will ruin it, which might make them hold back from being affectionate the next time. 

To say hello!

Another major reason why a cat may smell your eyes is to greet you. This is the most likely reason when a cat is sniffing your eyes. It happens as soon as your reach home or if you are meeting the cat after a long time. When a cat smells your eyes to greet you, try petting it because that is what it wants, affection and love. 

To feel comfortable

People also have another theory about this unusual sniffing habit of cats. This comes directly from pet owners who often feel that cats sniff their eyes to feel comfortable. 

Now, this might not make sense but listen to me. Since cats tend to rely a lot on their sense of smell for identification, smelling your eyes helps them realize it is a familiar scent. As a result, it becomes a source of relaxation and ease for cats. 

Therefore, if you ever see or feel your cat is being uncomfortable or a bit weird and then move on to sniff your eyes, chances are it is seeking comfort. 

Is it good or bad?

Is it good or bad

Your cat smelling your eyes is a perfectly fine behavior. However, whether it is good or bad depends on why it is happening in the first place. If the cat is solely sniffing your eyes to show love, then it’s definitely good. Show it some love back. 

Similarly, it is also a good sign if the cat is smelling your eyes to greet or groom you. You shouldn’t worry about anything.

However, if the cat is smelling your eyes due to sodium deficiency or feeling uncomfortable, that is bad. You should do your best to help her through either situation. Make her feel comfortable by doing something she identifies with. Or take her to the vet so that the sodium deficiency can be treated the right way. 

Should I let my cat smell my eyes?

There is no reason to stop your cat from smelling your eyes. It is perfectly normal behavior in the cat world. In fact, stopping your cat when it comes to sniffing your eyes can work the other way around by making the cat feel unwanted and unloved. 

If you have a pet, it is your duty to treat it as your own child. Its wishes are your wishes as long as they are not at the expense of their health. As a result, let your cat smell your eyes because they develop trust, love, and affection by doing so. 

A cat sniffing your eyes means it identifies with your smell and that it feels safe around you. I guess that is what all cat owners want from their cats. It is just different from how they express their feelings. Otherwise, there is nothing weird about it. 

Know your cat’s sense of smell

Animals are extremely cautious about anything harmful or dangerous. As a result, they are always on the lookout for potential signs that indicate something is about to be off. A cat’s sense of smell is one such thing that helps them with this. 

It also works in your favor because cats can smell infections on humans. Their ability to detect unusual things is pretty impressive, especially when it comes to their owners. Cats can even self-groom you since their saliva contains healing properties. 

As a result, sniffing you and your eyes is another way of them checking if you are healthy and fine. They will realize if you have any infections on diseases and might show discomfort to will let you know. 

Keep your cat healthy.

If your cat is obsessed with smelling eyes, it might be trying to send a very different message. This is especially true if the cat is also licking your eyes. An imbalanced diet can cause sodium deficiency in cats. Without the correct sodium balance in their bodies, cats feel sick and weak. 

As a result, they sniff your eyes in search of sodium since your tears have sodium salts in them. Hyponatremia or sodium deficiency in cats occurs due to two main issues. 

Your cat can either be suffering from a solute loss which happens when cats or any other body, for that matter, is losing sodium salts at an abnormal rate. Or your cat could be stored in more water in their body which leads to a sodium imbalance. 

As a result, you must know when this is the reason why your cat is smelling your eyes. It is time to pay a visit to the vet’s clinic and get it treated for perfect health. 

Other ways to show love

If your cat is sniffing your eyes to show love, it only makes sense for you to return the gesture. However, it would be off if you also end up smelling your cats’ eyes. As a result, resort to the usual grooming by patting it on the back and rubbing your hands against its hair from head to all the way to the tail. 

The cat might be bossy and have an attitude most of the day, but they know how to be cute and show love. They are beautiful creatures and if you decide to pet one, also make the decision to shower it with love and affection.

This will strengthen your relationship and help develop a special bond that will allow you to understand them better. Especially when they end up doing odd things like smelling your eyes. 

Things to consider

Here are some important things to consider to help figure out what it means when your cat is smelling your eyes. 

If it’s a first-time incident or not

If the change in your cat’s behavior is sudden and hasn’t happened before, it can help figure out what’s the reason. Try to think of the first time it happened and everything that was different from the usual. For instance, you could be wearing a new perfume or putting on a lotion that has a different smell. 

Suppose the sniffing continues over time without any major change in your surroundings. In that case, you can try figuring it out by considering all the reasons we talked about previously. 

Around What Time Does Your Cat Smells Your Eyes

Considering your car’s timing when it smells like your eyes can also help figure out the main cause. This especially comes in handy if your cat smells your eyes more at a certain time. 

For instance, if sniffing is a usual occurrence every time you come home, then it is highly likely that it either wants food or is greeting you. On the other hand, if the smell usually happens when you are lying down, the cat is likely lovey and affectionate. 

why does my cat smell my eyes

What To Do When My Cat Is Smelling My Eyes?

If you are unsure about what to do while your cat is smelling your eyes, consider the following:

Let it do it

Cats smelling your eyes is a purely natural thing for them to do. They will often sniff a lot of things around and on you. As a result, it is important to let the cat stay in its natural element without disturbing it. It won’t do you any harm. 

Distract your cat

Distracting your cat is also a good idea when it’s sniffing your eyes. Give it some toy or something that it likes.

Redirect its focus

You could also redirect the cat’s attention by giving it food or by simply moving it to someplace else. Do this only if you are doing something else that requires your attention. Otherwise, I would always suggest you be a nice owner and let your cat have its moment. 

Final Words

Kitties show care and affection when they smell your eyes. They are quite different from dogs in the sense that they don’t lick. As a result, cats have come up with their own ways to show love or ask for attention.  It is also a way for them to ensure that you are doing okay. They can detect your infections and even try to tell you with actions.

Or sometimes, they simply do it to identify you to feel safer and protected. You just have to be a bit more observant than usual to understand your cat’s habits and what they mean. 

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