Why Cat Won’t Eat In Front Of Me? 5 Reasons

Why Cat Won't Eat In Front Of Me

Why cat won’t eat in front of me? A concern many pet owners have. Well, one of the most common reasons is that your cat is shy. But that is not always true. There are many other causes why your cat doesn’t want you watching them eat. 

Cats have multiple personalities and traits. Some cats are playful and affectionate, some fearful and shy, and others aggressive and independent. These personality traits also affect feline behavior. 

Sometimes humans fail to interpret these behaviors. They don’t understand why their cat may be acting a certain way. 

So, if your cat does not eat in front of you or has suddenly stopped eating while you watch, it is not because it’s being distant or stubborn. 

Why Cat Won’t Eat In Front Of Me?

Your fur baby does not eat in front of you no matter how much you try to relax and coax them. The moment you put down the bowl, he runs to the nearest safe spot under the bed, under the couch, or behind the counter?

Here are some reasons why your cat won’t eat in front of you: 

Five Reasons to Know

Why Cat Won't Eat In Front Of Me

Your Cat Missed You 

Your kitty misses you if you have been away on a vacation or traveling for work. When cats get lonely, they feel scared and stressed, often making them act out.

So, if your cat is suddenly not eating in front of you, it is simply a call for some love and attention. Provide companionship and spend time with your feline friend. 

Your Cat Is Shy 

Some cats are timid and vulnerable. No matter what you do, you just can’t make them eat in front of you. So, you have to be patient with such cats and build trust over time.

Next time, put down the food where the cat feels comfortable to eat and walk away to give your kitty some privacy. 

Your Kitten Feels Intimidated 

Cats are often resilient and sociable, but they can easily get intimidated if you have other pets around the house. So, give your furry buddy a safe spot to eat where they are not bothered or chased by other cats or dogs. 

Your Cat is Recovering From Hospital Stay

Sensitive cats develop dissociation after a hospital stay. Your kitty is just stressed and needs time to recover. Care for your cat, and don’t force them to eat in front of you. Soon your kitty will be back to normal once they’re feeling better! 

Your Cat Is Depressed

Like humans, cats are emotional too. There can be different behavioral and emotional causes why your cat wants to eat alone. Changes in environment or routine are often the most common cause of stress, anxiety, and depression in cats. 

Your Cat Is Scared of You

Did you scold your cat for whining for some kibble? Well, if you recently scolded or hit your cat while feeding them, your cat is probably scared of you now. So, your kitty just does not want you watching them eat anymore.

Now, let’s tell you what you can do when your cat refuses to eat in front of you.

What To Do When I Am Around & Cat Won’t Eat?

Here is a simple guide on what to do when your cat won’t eat around you.

Give Your Cat Some Privacy

It is okay if your cat is not eating in front of you. Your cat probably wants some privacy during their meal time. There’s no need to fret and just let the feline be.

Make Your Cat Feel Comfortable

Maybe your cat does not like the meal spot. If your cat feels more comfortable eating privately, put the bowl somewhere secluded, like under the bed, behind the sofa, under the staircase, etc.

Go To the Vet

If your cat has suddenly stopped eating, it could be a sign of an underlying illness. It is best to take your fur baby for an appointment with the vet to ensure everything is alright.

Assess Behavior

Does your cat feel withdrawn? Maybe you scolded your pet, and now they are scared of you? Notice other behavioral changes that could be causing your cat to eat alone.

Why Cat Won't Eat In Front Of Me

Things to Remember:

  • Give your cat some privacy if they do not want to eat in front of you
  • Pet your cat and offer some affection next time your cat is eating alone
  • Do not scold or hit your cat, as it leads to shyness and fear 
  • Give your cat a safe space to eat if it feels intimidated by other pets around the house 
  • Your cat also resists handling and does not want you to watch them eat when they feel unloved, so give affection and attention 
  • Contact a vet if your cat is not eating properly at all 

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