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BEST OVERALL - Frisco 72” Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo


Best Cat Condo for Your Fur Buddy 2

RUNNER UP - Go Pet Club 80” Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo


Best Cat Condo for Your Fur Buddy 3

Frisco 61” Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo


Best Cat Condo for Your Fur Buddy 4

Armarkat Cat Tree Model


Best Cat Condo for Your Fur Buddy 5

AmazonBasics Cat Tree and Platform w/ Scratching Posts

Your feline companion is always on the couch, your stack of laundry, or chilling in the sock drawer—it’s adorable, but cleaning up all that hair gets old.

The next best thing you can do is equip them with a cat tree: a scratching post, home, and hangout spot all in one.

They can nap, keep warm, and get away from the other animals in your house, or rowdy kids who won’t get off their tail.

The best cat trees offer everything that your cats need, with things that they love, such as affixed toys or comfortable materials that keep them insulated while they sleep.

It’s time to carve out a corner for your favorite fuzzball, and show them just how much you love them. We’ve taken everything into account with these stellar cat condos.

Best overall – Frisco 72 Faux Fur Cat Tree Condo

Frisco 72-in Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo

On the top of our list, we have Frisco, one of the best brands for cats in terms of toys and living spaces. They make the best cat towers, and their 72” unit is by far the most exciting. With three top platforms, one above the other two, and four individual lower platforms, your cat can choose whichever area they feel most comfortable, and kick back and relax.

Small to medium cats can make use of the cozy condo home at the top of the tower, which has a ramp that leads up from the lower home. In my experience, this isn’t the most sought-after spot by cats using this tower. They much prefer the lower one.

The lower shack has a wider entrance, and a ramp from the floor up, as well as the top ramp up to the second platform. My cat sat on top of this shack and sprawled out, curling around the ramp (they’re going to use this in ways we never think of). All in all, it’s very comfortable thanks to the construction.

Made from faux fur for a comfortable and warm feeling against your cat’s skin, as well as durable sisal for rugged endurance and long-lasting scratch time, this stable cat condo offers a convenient and comfortable place for your cat. Unlike many towers, the faux fur on this one is very plush, giving plenty of space for your cats to stay comfortable and warm.

Size:27” x 39” x 72”
Materials:Faux fur, sisal
Weight:63 lbs
Made In:China

Runner up – Go Pet Club 80 Faux Fur Cat Tree Condo

Go Pet Club 80-in Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo

In a close second, Go Pet Club has a taller, albeit less functional cat condo. There’s an extra eight inches of height over the Frisco condo, and if you have the height between the condo and ceilings, why not add the extras? More space for your cat to climb.

Go pet Club makes some of the best cat condos because they pay attention to what cats really want. In this case, it’s more platforms to climb on, and more space to laze around.

It’s a little less functional because of the space between the platforms. There’s no ramps leading up from the floor, so your cat has to leap between each of them. This wouldn’t be an issue except that the stand is lightweight, so you’ll want to put this in a corner for stability purposes.

Developed with faux fur and a thick layer of sisal, cats can scratch at this all day long without tearing it to shreds. Sisal comes from a hardy plant that’s designed to withstand weathering and damage, making the tower from Go Pet Club one of the most durable on the market.

Size:30” x 45” x 80”
Materials:Faux fur, sisal
Weight:65 lbs
Made In:China

Alternative – Frisco 61” Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo

Frisco 61-in Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo

Frisco appears twice on this list because they just simply know what they’re doing when developing awesome cat condos for your furry companions. The first thing you might notice here is the double enclosure spread across two levels. There’s plenty of space for your cat to comfortably fit and exit whenever they please.

Frisco’s best cat furniture also includes a sturdy platform that’s thick and durable, so even if you have multiple cats on here, it’s not going to tip over. The platforms are designed in such a way that there won’t be uneven or harmful weight distribution.

Everything remains pretty close to the condo’s center of gravity. You will notice that this is just 61” tall, compared to the 72” Frisco condo on the top of our list. It’s more durable and arguably more of an abode for your cats, but because of the bulkier design, you pay a little more for a little less space.

Faux fur provides a comfortable surface. On this one, it’s a little more fuzzy than it is plush, but the sisal weave throughout it gives you cats endless hours of scratching time. Platform tops are also out of sight, out of mind, so even if they tear them up it won’t look ragged for a long time.

Size:25” x 24” x 61”
Materials:Faux fur, sisal
Weight:55 lbs
Made In:China

Alternative – Armarkat Cat Tree Model

Armarkat Cat Tree Model

Cat tree reviews usually talk about how tall they are, and while the Armarkat has an impressive 78” towering height, its real strengths come into play with how compact it is. There’s plenty of room for your cats to sprawl out, but the pillars of the cat tower stay nice and close-knit to provide stability. As you’ll come to find out in our buying guide below, cats can’t stand unstable surfaces.

There’s a hole in the center with a small pull rope that dangles. Your cats can go to the platform below, grab the rope to play with, and leap up when they see fit. It’s like a stable, small obstacle course. Along the top, there’s a single enclosure that has ample room for larger cats to snuggle up and relax.

Just like the rest of the best, Armarkat makes this out of faux fur for comfort and heat retention, as well as layers upon layers of sisal for your cats to tear up whenever they please. Out of everything on this list, Armarkat has to be one of the most rugged designs that will withstand untold levels of scratching, even from multiple cats.

Size:32” x 27” x 78”
Materials:Faux fur, sisal
Weight:70 lbs
Made In:China

Alterantive – AmazonBasics Cat Tree and Platform w/ Scratching Posts

AmazonBasics Cat Tree with Platform

AmazonBasics is one of the few value brands out there that really put time into R&D. This tower made our list as one of the best cat condo models out there, because it’s simple, and inexpensive in comparison to the others.

They kept the price low, while still giving a good amount of space. You can choose between a dual platform, tunnel, or step ladder model, with others on the way. Order replacement toys upon your initial order if you wish.

The only nuance here is that the fur is very soft, so you will notice spots that your cat likes to rest in as they get worn in. The off-white color will show dirt, so cleaning this from time to time is definitely a requirement.

Despite this being a “basic” model, AmazonBasics stuck to the industry standard faux fur and sisal design. I don’t know if this would last you as long as the Armarkat model will, but the price disparity is enormous, and it’s still equipped to withstand hours upon hours of hardcore scratching. Your cat will love it, and your furniture will stay intact for years to come while they tear away at this post instead.

Size:20” x 20” x 14”
Materials:Faux fur, sisal
Weight:28 lbs
Made In:China

Cat Condo Buying Guide & FAQ

Cat Tree And Condo

Why do Cats Need a Cat Tree?

Cat condos seem like an arbitrary purchase to a lot of people, but there are multiple reasons that you should grab one, or at the very least, go the DIY route and make your own.

  • Space for Multiples: Even if you have the best cat trees for multiple cats, they could still antagonize one another. Having a cat tree allows you to have space for one cat to remain while the other roams the house, finds a new spot, or goes to the other cat condo that you’ve purchased. You’re giving them each their own domain.
  • High Ground: Cats enjoy being able to see everything going on around them. If you’ve ever noticed, they constantly try to jump up to a surface that’s level with you when you get home (while meowing like crazy). They don’t like situations where they have the low ground.
  • Seclusion: Cats have different personalities, and for shy cats, they like to run away and have a spot to go. Maybe it’s not the most conventional way to get them to come out of the shadows, but giving them a cat condo—a space that’s dedicated solely for them—can make them more confident and more willing to socialize in the future, especially when you have company over.
  • Play Space: If you’re in a smaller apartment or home, this gives vertical space for your cat to have a fun time with. With toys that you can scatter throughout, or attach to certain platforms, it gives them their own space to have fun when the rest of the house is either too cramped or being taken up.

Are Cat Trees Worth It?

Taking Money From Wallet

There’s two ways that I like to define if the coolest cat trees are worth purchasing: utility, and saving money.

For utility, your cats are going to get more vertical space, more climbing space, and stay active. Cats like to lounge around, but when they go wild, they really go wild.

They jump from platforms down to the back of the room, they grab the platforms and flip around, and spend their energy by actually climbing it.

Cat trees aren’t about the cost; they’re not an investment you can measure based on how much they use it.

They will use it, even when you’re not noticing, so long as you place it accordingly (which we’ll cover in a minute).

In terms of saving money, I look at it like this: the cat tree is going to get used in ways that you can’t measure, but you’ll notice other areas that you can save money.

Since every cat tree on this list consists of sisal, which is a prime scratching material for cats, you won’t have to forfeit your security deposit to your landlord for ruined carpets.

You won’t have to replace your couch or armchair—which costs 5x up to 12x the cost of a premium cat tree—because your cat will have a spot that they can scratch on.

More than that, it’s a place that they want to scratch, since it provides great grip and cleans their nails extremely well.

Is a cat tree a good idea?


You can’t monitor fluffy all day, so you’re not going to know how much they use it.

Chances are it’s going to be more often than you think, and you might notice less wear and tear on your home as a result.

What Size Cat Tree Should I Get?

Different Size Cat Trees

Most cast trees come in at 60” up to 80”, with some goines even higher.

The point is to create more vertical space in your home so you aren’t sacrificing horizontal, human living space, while still dedicating part of your home for your cat. A pet is part of the family, this is how you treat them like it.

A floor-to-ceiling cat tree is overkill. There should be enough clearance on the highest platform for your cat to rest between it and the ceiling without scraping against it.

After all, if this really went all the way to the ceiling, part of it wouldn’t get used.

That’s why we’ve created the best cat trees reviews: to help you prioritize the features that you (and your feline friend) want, to best maximize space and enjoyment all at the same time.

What to do if Your Cat Doesn’t Like a Cat Tree?

Well, there are actually ways to get your cat to be comfortable with where you place the cat tree, and entice them to interact with it more often.

If you’re not sure what to do, follow these quick tips to get them used to their cat tree.

  • Different Daily Locations: Every single day that your cat isn’t interested in their cat tree or cat condo, move it. Physically move it from that space you designated for it, and put it somewhere else. Cats will see the constant change and be intrigued to check it out, which could lead to them actually using it far more often.
  • Conspicuous Locations: Moving it isn’t enough. Drop it directly into their pathway from the couch to the litter box. Put it in front of the television while you’re at work. Really mess with their heads with where you put this cat condo. Eventually, they’re going to take a shine to it, and then you can put it back in its designated spot that you had in mind when you purchased it.
  • Nip: If they still don’t like it, you can always entice with a small, reasonable amount of catnip that isn’t going to make them go berserk or anything. Put a little bit of it in the main cutout home, and see what happens. Cats are very perceptive (especially when it comes to nip), and will most likely find it, and relax after enjoying the catnip in their new home.
  • Keep It Steady: Cats are masters of balance, so when something is unsteady beneath their feet, they don’t care for it at all. Maybe you built your cat condo and it just didn’t come out sturdy enough. Rock it a little bit with your hands and see if it’s wobbly. If it’s on carpet, consider getting a piece of plywood beneath it, or repositioning it in your home. Check to see if it’s level as well. Your cat shouldn’t be able to make it wobble at any point, unless it’s very slightly while they’re leaping from the edge to the floor.
  • Play With Them :Did the condo you purchase also come with a built-in toy dangling from a platform? Show interest in it. Place your cat down on the platform, and bat the toy around. They’re either going to start playing too, or be like “My human has lost their mind.”

A Functional Abode for Your Fuzzball

At the very least, a cat condo should keep your little fuzzball off of your laptop when you’re trying to game on it or work.

It’s nice to have a slice of your home designated to your four-legged friend, so show them some appreciation and watch them scratch away.

Best Cat Condo for Your Fur Buddy 6

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